BHAKTIVEDANTA Module 3 - Online


2022-10-21 To 2023-02-03

Registration Closed

Date: 21st Oct 22 - 3rd Feb 23
Timings: 4 - 6:30 PM, Indian Standard Time
Language: English
Class Duration: 2.5 Hours per Session
Class Schedule: Monday to Friday
Fees: INR 12'501 per Student
Location: Zoom or any other video-conferencing application.

About the Course:
This course comprises an in-depth study of Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Part 2 (Ch 38-90)

Course Requirements:

  • You must chant 16 rounds of Japa daily and follow the four regulative principles.
  • You must be recommended by an ISKCON authority who knows you well.
  • You must complete Bhakti Vaibhava Course.
  • You must be 18 years or above in age.

Financial Consideration:
INR 12'501

Read more about the financial considerations and service charge for this course.

Please contact us if you should have further questions.
Phone: +91 94746 65658

Important Note:

  • Class Timings may change during the course as per the availability of the teachers or other affecting factors.
  • Minimum 15 Students are required to commence the batch. In Case we receive less than 15 Students, then students may opt for another batch or can wait for next season when the new batch starts.

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