HG Anant Gaur Sundar Das

Anant Gaur Sundar Das, completed his Bachelor & Masters from IIT Kharagpur. After his studies, he decided to dedicate himself for the service of the Lord and he joined ISKCON Kolkata as a brahmachari from 2009. He compiled books for Congregational preaching (Bhakti Vriksha). He served as Sankirtan incharge, Brahmachari trainer & caretaker and Youth preacher in IIT Kharagpur, NIT Jamshedpur and BIT Ranchi. He did his Bhakti Sastri, Teachers Training Courses and Leadership and Management Courses from Mayapur Institute. He has done Bhakti Vaibhav course organized by Bhaktivedanta Vidyapeeth (GEV, Wada). He has been teaching Bhakti Sastri, Bhakti Vaibhav and ISKCON Disciples Courses to Brahmacharis and Congregation of ISKCON Kolkata and at Mayapur Institute since 2018. Currently, he has opened a Weekend Free School to train children in Krishna consciousness values.