HG Nitāi Mādhav Das

Nitāi Mādhav Das has completed Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Mumbai University, got his MBA from Manipal University, completed PHD in Psychology on the topic of behavioral transformation from Bhagavad-gītā. He is also a certified speaker from Trinity College, London.

He joined Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Rāsabihārī Mandir (ISKCON Juhu) in 2011 as resident monk. There he served as a HOD in the temple; a youth preacher doing college preaching in Mumbai; a life membership preacher and a fund raiser, as well as a motivational speaker at corporates. Currently he is in-charge of a preaching center in Bhiwandi-outkirts of Mumbai.

He completed the TTC1, TTC2 and Bhakti Śāstrī Course from Māyāpur Institute.