HG Deva Dharma Das

Devadharma Prabhu is a highly respected and renowned Vaishnava devotee who was born on April 28, 1981, in a Vaishnava family in a village near Ekachakra, Nitaidham. His family has been chanting for three generations, and he belongs to a Kirtaniya family where his father taught mridanga, harmonium, tabla, and the whole family. From a young age, Devadharma Prabhu was fascinated by the chanting of Nitai, and he was curious to know more about this personality.

Despite his family's wishes for him to join the army, Devadharma Prabhu left home and ran to Mayapur Dham in 2000 to pursue his devotion to the Lord. He received training in Mayapur and Vrindavan, where he learned from great Vaishnavas. In 2001, he received diksha from his gurumahraj, who named him Devadharma das and instructed him to spread the love of kirtan and bhajans and teach their meanings.

Since 2012, Devadharma Prabhu has been on a world tour, spreading the rasa of the holy name in various countries such as Bahrain, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, France, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. He spends 6-7 months every year training devotees in kirtan and teaching the meaning behind the bhajans. Devadharma Prabhu's mission is to distribute the joy of the holy name throughout the world, and he continues to serve his guru by following his instructions.

HG Deva Dharma Prabhu is an experienced and well-travelled spiritual musician seeking to teach Vaishnav bhajan, kirtan and instruments to enthusiastic students all over the world. He is willing to use skills and experience to train students to become future kirtaniyas in our movement.

Prabhu has trained extensively under the lineage of Pt. Hara Prasad Bagchi, Pt. Raghunath Bhattacharya, Pt. Ashish Goswami, Pt. Gaurango Chandra, Pt. Tulasi Pada Mondal, Pt. Manav Chakraborty, Smt. Novonita Chatterjee, Smt. Novonita Chatterjee and HG Kamol Gopal Das.

He can sing traditional Gaudiya Vaishnav Bhajan, various Gaudiya kirtans, Krishna bhajans in Hindustani Classical style. Aswell he can play Harmonium, Kartals, tabla, Dholak, Naal , Pakhawaj, Sri Khol (Mridanga) very fluently. He can play the above mentioned instruments in Gaudiya and Hindustani style of kirtan in fluent Bengali, English, Hindi, Oriya