HG Manimukunda Dāsa

Manimukunda Dāsa is a  disciple of H.H Jayapataka swami. In 2007, he had joined the ISKCON temple in coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He has served in various department in ISKCON, such as Book distribution, youth preaching, puja Department. 
He has completed Bhakti Shastri and Bhakti Vaibhava , Teacher’s Training Course,  Vaishnava Etiquette, Iskcon Disciples Course, Leadership & Management, Diploma in deity worship. 

He currently teaches Bhakti Shastri and Deity worship courses. He is the faculty Member in Mayapur Institute(MI), Mayapur Academy, ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya (IBM) and serving Sri Sri Radhamadhav puja Department in Mayapur.