2021-05-16 To 2024-10-20

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Namasraya-bhakti: Taking Shelter of the Holy-name (Weekly Course)



Days: Every Sunday
Timings: 10:30 AM to 12 PM Noon, IST 
Books: Each section will focus on a specific book(s). Siksastaka, Hari-bhakti-vilasa, Upadesamrta, Namastaka, Sri Hari-nama, Vaisnava-ninda, Hari-nama-cintamani, Bhajana-rahasya and Sri Namamrta.
Language: English
Teacher: H.G. Vidvan Gauranga Prabhu
Class Duration: 90 Minutes per Session 
Course Fees: Free

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About the Course:

Namasraya-bhakti, Taking Shelter of the Holy Name is a specially designed online course that is a unified and progressive study about the grandeur of the holy name. The course is divided into nine separate modules, where each module consists of a comprehensive review of a specific book. Modules are:

1. Siksastaka with Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakur & Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur (24 Sessions)
2. Hari-nama-mahima from Hari-bhakti-vilasa by Srila Sanatana Goswami (25 Sessions)
3. Upadesamrta with Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakur & Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur (24 Sessions)
4. Sri Namastaka of Rupa-Goswami with commentary of Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana (8Sessions)
5. Sri Hari-nama by Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakur (11 Sessions)
6. Vaisnava-ninda by Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakur (12 Sessions)
7. Hari-nama-cintamani by Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakur (38 Sessions)
8. Selections from Bhajana-rahasya by Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakur (8 Sessions)
9. Selections from “Namamrta” and “Chanting Hare Krishna” by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (30 Sessions)

Each module follows a sequential schedule; however, there is provision to facilitate their study as it takes years to do the course. This course is a complementary offering by the Mayapur Institute and carries no charges. However, we are endeavouring for determined & dedicated learners. The institution will not provide the books in digital or physical form. Students would have to purchase/arrange copies of the book by themselves. The speaker during the class will screen-share the pages being studied.

Course Requirements:

> You must chant 16 rounds of Japa daily and follow the four regulative principles.
*Only students who clear admission interview will be allowed for the course.

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