Bhakti-śāstrī Course (Ladies) - ONLINE


2020-11-11 To 2021-03-15

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This course comprises an in-depth study of Bhagavad-gītā, Śrī Īśopanisad, Nectar of Devotion and Nectar of Instruction. It has been designed for devotees who have been seriously practicing Kṛṣṇa consciousness for at least a year, and have basic sastric knowledge and understanding. The course has a modular design, which means you can take separate Modules spread over a few years to suite your schedule if you are unable to complete it in one semester. A Preliminary Self-study guide is available, once you have registered, to enable you to prepare ahead of each lesson, and also before coming to Mayapur. We have special weekdays classes and weekend examination format which helps us our student to prepare. You can find out more about these materials and preparing for your study in Māyāpur in our Resources section.

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Batch 1 – Mon to Fri 08:30 AM Indian Time
Batch 2 – Mon to Fri 05:30 PM Indian Time
Batch 3 – Sat to Sun 06:00 PM Indian Time

Date: All Courses starting on 11 November 2020
Books Taught: Bhagawad Gita As It Is, Sri Isopanishad, Nectar of Instruction and Nectar of Devotion
Language: English
Duration: 2 Hours per Session
Total Number of Classes: 60 - 70 Sessions
Length of Course: 3.5 Months for Batch 1 & 2. 8+ Months for Batch 3
Fees: Rs 12'501 per Student for Any Batch

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